Mental Heath Awareness

In honor of #mentalhealthawareness I wanted to touch on something that has made a difference in my life.

It’s no secret I have struggled with pretty bad anxiety and also some depression from time to time. From my experience, they can be really hard to navigate. Like really hard.

I’m not a doctor, but I will share what has helped me in my own personal journey and maybe someone will also find peace in it.

First, God. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue saying it. Anxiety and depression can be very lonely. People won’t understand unless they’ve gone through it. On the dark nights when you’re alone and everyone else is asleep, He is there! I have always been able to call on God. He knows our hearts, he knows our struggles. He comforts and calms the mind and the soul like no other. I wish I had figured this out much sooner becuse it would have saved me years of panic attacks. I have learned to call on him at the onset of every emotion that triggers fear or anxiety and for me, it’s made a big difference.

I also believe in music. You ever listen to a certain kind of music and it just sets the mood? Fun loud music to pump you up, soft calm music to bring peace.. Well, when my heart is anxious, I turn on worship music. Even when I’m not paying attention to the words, my ears and mind are filled with words of worship and a reminder of how powerful and loving our God is. I’ve listened to songs on repeat, I’ve listened to them falling asleep, because sometimes, anxiety was so fierce I couldn’t focus on reading the word. But I knew I needed the word. Music connected it for me. It brought peace in some very difficult times.

🎶 I’ve created a playlist with all the songs that have helped me and impacted me through my journey. You can find the playlist (one for Apple Music and one for Spotify) ✨ it’s also on my site on the blog pages in the side bar. I hope it blesses you.



Lastly, reach out. Sometimes talking to someone and just getting prayer makes a world of difference. I’m here, friend. I see you.

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