Diary of a Single Mom

Woah, it has been some time since I’ve blogged or made a post on this site! Don’t worry though, I’m back folks! I am back and we have a lot to catch up on, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!  My faith-based blog will remain just that; blogging about the depths of my walk with God, the real nit and grit of my heart, and my walk as a Christian. This segment is where I will keep it more of an every day diary of a single mom. My goal is to post once every other week, so praying I can stay consistent.. Aaaand there you go folks, your first dose of reality as a single mother.. ‘if I can stay consistent’ 🥴 

So, first things first… If you’re new here, I’m Kerri. I am a single, twice divorced, mother of five. I homeschool, work from home, blog, content create, and a whole other list of random things.  I am a hot mess just working with Jesus on trying not to be such a hot mess, but you know, it’s all a work in progress. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I stepped away from social media, blogging, and building my little business for a while. Honestly, I had some living to do. I truly needed it. I regret stepping back as much as I did, but I do not regret stepping back into my life again. Are you following? Does that make sense? Sometimes I think as a content creator it is easy to spend so much time creating, writing, or doing all the social media stuff that we forget to actually live. I don’t know, maybe that was just my experience, but it can be so time consuming and if not managed on a schedule you head for major burnout is. So yeah, I definitely had some burn out.  

There were other factors too. My daughter was in bootcamp and it was both emotionally and physically hard not having her here and having her help around the house. It created a totally different dynamic and I was over it. I missed her.  (She did graduate a Combat Medic and is now home 🥰)

I also fell in love. Ahhh sweet romance; swept me right off my feet into a magical wonderland of fun, laughter, friendship and companionship. This was something I had not felt in such a long time and my soul was longing for it. There were also some painful lessons there too. Learning to trust again; actually this was easier than I thought it would be.  When with someone who cares about your past hurts and had nothing to hide, the reassurance was natural. The patience was hard on both sides but needed. However, learning to be loved… ouch.. Still some growing to do here. 

There has also been new jobs, new cars, lots of new adventures with the kids and homeschool.  There was my daughters homecoming from the Army, and it was all that I had imagined!

The holidays happened with lots of new, precious memories made. New babies in our family; and also a couple hard losses for our family. 

and… There were break ups.. such as life goes, right?..  I know, everyone was rooting for this one but sometimes this is just the way it goes. 

So, here I am; picking up where I left off. Taking the lessons and the sweet memories made and tucking them into the “God fix this” box and doing what I do; keep going. 

I will share in more detail on all of these life events in this new segment: Diary of a Single Mom. I’m at a place of… of… honestly I don’t know. I feel like this is where God wants me though, sharing my life for some reason. I feel like a part of me knows why, but I can’t remember exactly right now. If that makes any sense, lol!  I think I’m just trying to put things back together in this new but all too familiar season. At the very least I’m trying to be obedient to what I feel He wants me to be doing. As with most things, if we show up and do the work, everything will fall into place.. 

On a happier note, even in sadness, I am also excited to be back doing what I love and am very passionate about. I have a ton of fun projects that I have been working on and getting reorganized in my business and writing again. It feels good! 

I can’t wait to reconnect with you all! 

As always, I am so grateful for your continued support. 

Stay tuned for all the grit and grace of being a single mom while I catch you up! 

~ Kerri

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