I just want to share a story of hope.  A story of His faithfulness. 

Over 5 years ago, I felt lead to take my then 3 older children out of the public school system. I chose a small, online, unaccredited homeschool curriculum because it was free and all laid out for me, and to be honest, I had zero idea what I was doing. I was met with a lot of back lash, from my then husband, family, friends etc. the curriculum wasn’t accredited, what about socialization, it won’t be enough, they will all have to still get GED’s etc. (you all know the things they say). I just prayed that if this was what the Lord wanted me to do, that He would pave the way. 

He did. 

As my oldest entered high school and started thinking about colleges, my fear and anxiety increased. Which papers do I save, is this enough, am I failing her and doing her a great injustice. All the thoughts of a parent. I went through infidelity in my marriage (not on my part), which ultimately ended in divorce. The process was so difficult on me and my 5 children. I worked part time jobs, and continued to homeschool all 5 children. All through those years I still asked, “God, are you sure this is what you’ve still called me to do?” It just all seemed impossible. But, if you know me, I am stubborn and hate to give up. So I just kept going. Holding on to the faith and hope that He had a plan in all of this. 

Last spring, with honor roll grades, my oldest completed all her state requirements and academics. My state doesn’t offer a diploma, a walk in a graduation ceremony, or even a certificate of completion. According to some colleges we looked into, the school records, the transcript made and kept up with along with dated work samples would have been enough. So we hoped on that. She didn’t take any ACT or SAT due to the pandemic either. And the day she finished her last assignment we kind of said, now what? We had a very big graduation party. I found a diploma template and printed my own, just for her, for me, to look at and know she did do the work, we made it, even if others thought it was silly, we knew the effort of every moment it took to get here. A few family members that had been against us, gave a fake ‘congratulations’ and then gave her the GED test study book. 

We waited for God to show us what was next. 

She had one dream, to become a trauma paramedic. So many people said there will never be anywhere she will be able to go without a valid diploma or GED. We just kept praying. Another family member in the service who supported us the whole time, started talking about being in the service. At first my daughter gave a very hard “no way!” Lol. But she began praying about her future and felt God leading her towards that. One day she came to me and said, “I think I want to enlist.” I was shocked! But we set up a meeting with a recruiter and just looked into it. 

4 months later, a ton of paperwork and apts later. we came to the part about homeschool documentation. I covered every document I had in prayer and gave the whole situation once again back to the Lord. I knew, if this was His will for her, that he would make a way.  The recruiter, never having signed a homeschooler, was incredible and made sure she contacted the people who knew the answers. My daughter scored a high score on her ASVAB and we prayed that too would show she completed her studies. We got a call a few days later and the recruiter said, “it shows you followed the states guidelines but no where does it say on her transcript or documents that she ‘completed’ or ‘graduated’ we need a diploma.” My heart sank. I said “our state doesn’t give one, I have one that I made just for us but it’s not ‘real’.” She said, “that’s ok, you were her instructor, you can make one and we will take that, we just need something saying you as her mother graduated her.”. So, I sent them the diploma I made from a free template I found on line with our silly homeschool name on it. The next day we recieved a certified document from the United States Army stating that her little mom made diploma was in fact recognized, accepted and acknowledged. Her documents showed we followed the state guidelines and all her paperwork has been accepted. As if that wasn’t enough validation from the Lord. The recruiter texted me later and said, “I was so nervous waiting for this to come back because I had spoken with a friend who tried to sign up another homeschooler and they rejected him and made him get a GED.” 

I cried so hard. I literally had watched one of God’s plans, His promise to lead me and my children, His faithfulness, unfold in my own life in such a huge way! I mean I’ve seen God in so many ways, but each time I’m in awe of his perfect plan! This was something He called me to, and I was blessed enough to see His hand work and come full circle! I am so grateful for His direction. So thankful He lead me here and didn’t let me give up. 

My daughter, she enlisted with a high ASVAB score, to become a Combat Medic. 

A little back story. 

I was an unwed, 17 year old girl, a high school drop out, who chose to keep her baby. I fought to change my life for the Lord and still face so many trials. Being a one parent home, again, is probably the biggest and hardest trial of them all. 

Many people over the years have had a lot to say about my lack of education. My choices. My life. My homeschooling my own children, especially  when I became a single mom again. They have left me wondering if I could ever be used in His kingdom for something other than what they see me as.. 

But God.  Won’t He do it. 

He redeems and brings beauty from ashes.

God doesn’t just call the equipped. He equips the ones He’s called. 

I just wanted to share part of my story. Don’t give up. There is victory that is far sweeter than all the hardship and trials. 

He is Faithful! 💕

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