Can we talk real, raw and unfiltered for a min? People are always so impressed with me being a single mom of five and homeschooling, working, writing, all the things. The truth is, I’m just like any other mom. I have really good days, and I have really bad days. I most certainly do not have it all figured out. Most days I’m hanging on by a thread and living on a prayer, quite literally! 😜

I would have to say my biggest struggle as a single mom is finding balance. Balance to be me, balance to spend good quality time with each child, balance to clean, balance to work. Every day seems to be different. A new adventure, a new struggle, a different routine. Not having a partner to carry the load some days is exhausting! Some days are too long, and some days are just not long enough. 

Being a single mom is messy, hard, tiring and leaves me often feeling pulled in so many different directions and feeling stretched so thin. 

But… In all the crazy, chaotic, ups and downs, He has given me charge over these little humans. I remind myself that someday I won’t have the craziness of running all over, little feet running around, playing referee or endlessly cleaning up messes. 

So I sit in this crazy chaos, embrace my unfiltered mess, take a deep breath and keep going. It doesn’t have to be pretty and perfect all the time. We don’t have to have it all figured out. We just need to keep going. 

Drop your unfiltered parenting truth in the comments! 

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