I was doing my hair and makeup the other day and I caught myself in the mirror and just stared. Have you ever done that? First you see the dirty mirror and finger print smudges. Then I saw the flaws that stick out like a sore thumb to me. Wrinkles, scars, eyebrows that are well past needing to be done, pimples that I can’t seem to leave alone long enough to go away 🙄 

Then, it was like God whispered to my heart, 

“what else do you see?”.  

I saw a woman, nothing extraordinary really, a slightly pretty face, strong features, ok hair, pretty eyes. 

Then the whisper again, 

“look deeper.”….

So, I sat and stared, silently asking this woman staring back at me; who are you? 

“I’m a mom.” I said.

“Deeper.” He whispered.

I found myself at a place where my life flashed before my eyes like a little movie. life has tossed me this way and that way. I’ve loved, I’ve had loss, gained and lost friendships and relationships. I’ve had ups and downs. Hardships and victory. But now, beyond the plain pretty face, beyond the being a mom, a daughter, a friend; who was this woman staring back at me? 

Then, I saw it. Stained glass. Personally stained glass has always been an odd thing to me. Not very pretty in my opinion. But when the light hits it that perfect way, shines through it, there is nothing quite like it. This is what I saw. Him. Not clear in some spots, not fully in other spots, but His light shining through all the pieces that He’s changed, and cleaned, and is making new. I wasn’t just a mom, or a woman, or a daughter, or a good person;  I saw courage, tenacity, strength, resilience, love, kindness, gentleness. I saw the pieces that are unclean too. Pain, sin, anger, control (way too many to list). But He focused my eyes on on the brilliant light shining through. All of the strength and courage and good, are not me, but Him. They are the parts that He’s worked though, cleaned, and now allow Him to shine through. 

I looked at that face again, and I saw Him. Weaving His story through my life. Cleaning and re-cleaning. It’s not perfect, not as bright in a lot of areas. But it’s beautiful. Perfectly imperfect. A constant work in progress but still valued. Cherished. Chosen. Loved beyond measure. Wanted. Bought at a high price. 

I am His. 

We let life and roles, appearances, experiences, dictate who we are every day. But friends, we are so much more. Look in the mirror today. Let Him show you just who you are to Him. 


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